Welcome to Zeep Naturals

Our journey began in 2020, a time when the need to reconnect with nature became paramount. In response to these unprecedented times, we embarked on a venture, delving into the world of soap-making and ultimately giving birth to Zeep Naturals. Nestled in the heart of the Catskills Mountains in Upstate New York, our artisanal soaps are meticulously crafted using natural ingredients. Each soap is a testament to our dedication, handmade with love and attention, free from synthetic additives, plastic, palm oil, and animal fats.

At Zeep Naturals, we believe in harnessing the power of beneficial natural ingredients, ensuring our soaps are not only gentle on you but also on the environment. Our commitment extends to our packaging, designed for minimal waste and easy recyclability.

Beyond soaps, we've expanded our offerings to include not only bath accessories and bathrobes but also home decor, kitchen items and a complementary range of Turkish towels, blankets, and duvet covers. Woven and loomed in the traditional fashion, these items are created from organic Turkish cotton and linen in a small-batch atelier nestled in the charming Turkish village of Buldan. Versatile by nature, our lightweight yet durable towels can serve as bathroom essentials, beach towels, or even picnic cloths, embodying the spirit of Zeep Naturals in every thread.